Press ++



"Kouyate is the star of the show. He commands the Kora, coaxing from it's strings an ethereal sound somewhere between a guitar carved of crystal and a Rennaisance harpsichord. The man is a rare virtuoso" Supajam



"An unlikely collaboration that works magnificently" The Guardian ****



“Has the chicken-scratchy momentum of classic Afrobeat” Q



“Mind blowing world music that redefines the term” The Big Issue



“Faya recalls the desert trance grooves of Tinariwen, while the looping lilt of ‘Ghetto Many’ conjures Cheikh Lo” Acoustic



“Driscoll’s rapid-fire rhyming is echoed by Kouyate’s lightning fast kora licks” Songlines



·“I love this album so much; it’s such a brilliant way of experiencing multiple genres at once, and hearing them performed with the greatest of ease by two fantastic musicians makes them sound even better. ‘Faya’ is a fantastic listen,

and definitely one of this year’s greatest” Elusive Little Comments


“A fantastic meeting of different cultures and styles, it blends sounds and themes from opposite sides of the globe effortlessly” Music Week

“A pretty damn good album” Shout4Music



"They certainly got the ever energized crowd even more hyped!" Altsounds



"Kouyate’s kora mirrors the likes of Tinawaren whilst the delivery of Driscoll’s rhyming is super slick. Each artists style is almost custom made to compliment the others. This will appeal to fans of African music as much as fans of hip-hop and rap. A match made in heaven" Is this music














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